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My jjk specialty stickers!

These are from my patreon sticker club vault, and are considered specialty stickers, which is why they're a bit higher priced to make it fair for my patrons! If you want a discount to my shop, to vote, and get a new sticker each month, check out my sticker club over on patreon!!

✧ ~3.2-4.2 INCH
✧ Waterproof Vinyl
✧ Matte + Metallic or Glitter accents

✧✧✧✧✧✧PLEASE NOTE:✧✧✧✧✧✧✧

All stickers get sent as LETTER mail since it's cheaper! Which means they DO NOT come with tracking. I am NOT responsible for things getting lost in the mail as it's out of my control. For extra security and if you want tracking with your sticker order, please add the 'TRACKING' item to your cart! Or just buy stickers alongside any other non sticker item, as they come with tracking!

p.s. if you choose a tracking option that differs from your shipping address, I will simply send it out as the default LETTER mail, so please double check!

  • 1. Gojo
    99 available 99%
  • 2. Megumi
    97 available 97%
  • 3. Sukuna / Yuuji
    96 available 96%
  • 4. Inumaki
    38 available 95%